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What is Cloud Storage Software?

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For many people this type of software is absolutely priceless! Here we will explain why cloud storage software is so popular, and also give some top recommendations!

Essentially, finding the best cloud storage software can be a complete game changer. It takes away A LOT of stress when it comes to storing and accessing your data.

But what actually is cloud storage software? Ok, so ‘cloud storage’ is where data can be stored on remote servers and accessed from the internet, or ‘the cloud’ if you will.

Your cloud storage service provider will then maintain and manage your files, thanks to servers built on virtualisation methods.

The best examples of this type of software will keep your data secure and enable the mass sharing of files.

We’re going to talk you through four of our favourites – DropBox, Degoo, SugarSync and Yandex Disc – in this post. But before we do that, it’s important to fully understand how cloud storage can provide you with great results.

How does cloud storage software work?

To be fair, a lot of us just sign up to these types of software and don’t question the science behind them. But, how does cloud storage software actually work?

You probably know the basics. It allows your device to send or retrieve files online, from a remote data server. This same data is usually found on more than one server, so that if one server is down you can still retrieve your files.

According to Techopedia, cloud storage works through data center virtualisation. Virtual storage architecture, which is scalable and easy to navigate, is then created.

More often than not a web-based API, that is remotely implemented through its interaction with the client application’s in house storage infrastructure, is how cloud storage data operates.

Cloud Storage Software can have big advantages.

Cloud Storage Software can be a handy tool to acquire.

It’s also known as utility storage when delivered through a public service provider. Meanwhile private cloud storage can often provide enhanced flexibility and scalability, with restricted access.

How can cloud storage software work for you?

With anything there is, of course, positives and negatives. Cloud Storage Software, perhaps, has a equal number on both sides of the argument.

Firstly, let’s look on the bright side! With cloud storage software you will notice the value of offsite management. With someone else physically maintaining your documents your team can turn their attention to other priorities.

Connectivity and backup speed are also major advantages, and in many cases scalability and rapid deployment are also like gold dust.

Overall you should also enjoy a lower upfront cost, though lifetime costs could rack up. Security is something to be wary of. Download and data transfer speeds can be hampered from time to time too, especially if there is a lot of call for the servers.

Enterprise Storage has also taken a look at the debate. The team say: “Like actual clouds, the answer is seldom black and white.”

So, what are my options?

If you are considering using cloud storage software, you’ve come to the right place! There are of course some very big names in the world of cloud storage, like Dropbox, or Google Backup and Sync.

Yet there is also a growing number of lesser known, but promising, applications – like FluffyApp, Mozy Home and NetDrive to name a few. We’ve brought them all together nicely at FileHippo.com, be sure to check out our cloud storage software catalogue!

Speaking of top cloud storage, we’re now going to talk you through four of our favourites!


Key features include:

  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • Secure encryption.
  • Automatic sync.
  • Seamless app integration.
  • Security features.
  • Business and individual accounts.
  • Advanced features.

Let’s get the obvious one out there! When a lot of people hear ‘cloud storage’ they automatically think of DropBox.

This incredibly useful cloud-based file storage and sharing program lets you access your files from practically any device with an internet connection.

With Dropbox, you can store all your files and access them from anywhere. Your changes will automatically sync across all your devices, so you’ll always have access to the latest versions and can pick up exactly where you left off.

Whether you’re working alone or as part of a team, you’ll be able to store, share and collaborate on your files as and when you want to. Dropbox has a range of individual and business plans to choose from if you’re looking for more than the standard free document storage solution.

Overall, Dropbox is one of the most popular and recognisable cloud storage services available. It integrates seamlessly with a range of everyday tools to improve your workflow, and paid plans unlock a great range of advanced features for businesses and individuals.


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